Kendall does not have to prove to anybody that she is the next “Maddie” I’m sick of Abby saying that. Kendall needs to prove that she is the best Kendall  that she can be. Maddie is Maddie, and Kendall is Kendall. The end.

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'do it for the vine'


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ALDC + Pink Costumes

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mom chill they’re just cinnamon sticks

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Awwh ! Kendall was trying to make a joke based off of Abby’s bitchy self , poor Charlotte

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i scrolled past this and then i went back up and played it and the sound was off for whatever reason but i listened to it and i’m really glad i did

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True , to kendall and now to mackenzie . Ugh

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great dane sparkledog omg

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Kendall Vertes and Mackenzie Ziegler Icons (Requested!)

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Kendall Vertes + The Understudies [x/x]

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I love my skin!

I wish i had this on tv when i was growing up.

This is really important.

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Matching Icons for you and the bae

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